2016/17 ASCF/CRI Webinar Series

The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (ASCF), in partnership with the Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI), is proud to announce our upcoming season of webinars for the 2016-2017 season (see below).  Engagement in the series has grown rapidly with more than 1,600 participants since its inception in 2012.

Representatives from NGOs, First Nations, universities and colleges, businesses, and federal, provincial and municipal governments have all taken part.  There has been strong participation across Eastern Canada as well as from as far afield as the US and overseas.  

To register, please follow the link below each webinar title - register now and you will receive automated emails reminding you when it is 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour before the webinar.  If you have any questions about this series, technical issues or specific webinars, please don’t hesitate to contact: darla@salmonconservation.ca.

Webinars are presented in either English (EN) or French (FR), but where possible, the question and answer period will be bilingual.  (NOTE: time zone as indicated)

Additionally the CRI provides other topics of interest to our network throughout the year.  Check back often to see updates.

Date/time Presenter Title Registration link Type

31 Aug 2016 3pm (AST)(EN)

Stephen Booth (University of Guelph) Conserving the Atlantic Salmon in the Context of Watershed Communities and Cultures Register ASCF/CRI Series
7 Sept  2016  3pm (AST)(EN) Marie Clément (MUN & Labrador Institute) Moving towards a better understanding of Lake Melville’s salmon population, Labrador Register ASCF/CRI Series
19 Oct 2016 10am (AST) (EN) Erik Martin (The Nature Conservancy) Decision Support Tools for Prioritizing Barriers to Aquatic Connectivity Register ASCF/CRI Series
9 Nov 2016 10am (AST)(EN) Janina Gray (Salmon & Trout Conservation UK) Salmon & Trout Conservation (United Kingdom) Register ASCF/CRI Series

16 Nov 2016 3pm (AST)  (FR)

Guillaume Dauphin (UNB & CRI)

Dynamique des populations de saumon atlantique dans la Miramichi et la Restigouche Register ASCF/CRI Series
7 Dec 2016
3pm (AST)
Lindsay Brin (UNB & CRI) Data Analysis with R: Introduction, Basics, and Possibilities Register ASCF/CRI Series
11 Jan 2017
10am (AST)
Claire Burrows (University of Hull) Development of River Restoration Planning and Analysis Tool Register ASCF/CRI Series

18 Jan 2017 3pm (AST)(FR)

Mathieu Roy (INRS) Télédétection des cours d'eau et analyse spatiale pour la modélisation de l'indice de qualité de l'habitat et la gestion du saumon atlantique Register ASCF/CRI Series
1 Feb 2017 10am (AST)(EN) Atso Romakkaniemi (Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland) The incredible recovery of salmon populations in the northern Baltic Sea: learning from the past and facing new research challenges Register ASCF/CRI Series

22 Fev 2017 3pm (AST)(FR)

Thomas Buffin-Belanger (UQAR) Diagnostics hydrogéomorphologiques de cours d'eau avec illustration pour des cours d'eau de l'Est du Québec Register ASCF/CRI Series
14 Mars 2017
10am (AST)
Steve Dugdale (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom) La télédétection des milieux fluviaux Register ASCF/CRI Series