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They Be Dammed: Advancing the science on dam renewal.

Jan 09 2018

By Anne Levesque and Gordon Yamazaki

There are tens of thousands of large hydro dams in North America, built in the 1940s and 50s, that are nearing the end of their service lives. Governments and power utilities are faced with bigcost decisions about what to do with these dams in the future.

Should they be rebuilt, refurbished, or decommissioned so the river returns to a natural state?...

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Canada’s Chief Science Advisor meets with CRI

Dec 22 2017

CRI Management Board truly appreciated Dr. Mona Nemer, the federal government's newly-appointed Chief Science Advisor, dropping by the CRI Management Board meeting last Friday, Dec. 15 in Ottawa.

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Advancing Canada’s Scientific Understanding of Cumulative Impact Assessment

Dec 13 2017

There is growing agreement in Canada that protecting the environment and sustaining its structure and functions requires thinking about, planning, and managing all of our activities together within a particular geography in a more coordinated fashion.

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CRI study paints picture of NB rivers’ environmental health

Nov 28 2017

A two-year study of water conditions in two southern New Brunswick rivers systems, led by the Canadian Rivers Institute, was recently featured in the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal newspaper.

CRI Science Director Michelle Gray told the newspaper in an article published Nov. 27 that the study — published the NB Energy Institute in collaboration with CRI, the University of New Brunswick,...

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Winner of the 2017 HBN Hynes Annual Scholarship for Masters students

Oct 24 2017

The Selection Committee was unanimous in awarding the Canadian Rivers Institute’s 2017 HBN Hynes Annual Scholarship for Masters students to Ms. Kelli Charbonneau.

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