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What people are saying about the Canadian Rivers Institute

Posted by CRI Programs   |   September 22, 2016

“Co-locating ECCC scientists and technical staff at the Canadian Rivers Institute at UNB-Fredericton has significantly benefited Canadians. The resulting network of government and academic researchers, students, technicians and postdocs, as well as community and industrial partners, has improved aquatic environmental monitoring and the application of environmental regulations nationally and internationally. The partnership remains an important part of our ongoing strategy to address pressing environmental and climate change concerns of Canadians.”

Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

“The Canadian Rivers Institute contributes significantly to the solutions-based research capacity at the University of New Brunswick. Based in Fredericton and Saint John, this national institute attracts a number of skilled scientists and technicians from across the world to our province through its well-earned reputation for finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges.”

Matt DeCourcey, Member of Parliament for Fredericton

"NB Power's partnership with CRI to investigate options for the future of the Mactaquac Dam on the St. John River in New Brunswick is critical not only for residents of eastern Canada and the United States, but worldwide. It will provide the model by which such projects are undertaken to understand the future of aging hydroelectric dams globally. We look forward to a long-term partnership with CRI undertaking some of the most important applied river research in Canada.‎"

Gaëtan Thomas, president and chief executive officer, NB Power

“In just 15 years, the Canadian Rivers Institute has made a name for itself around the globe. Such a mighty accomplishment stands as a testament to the remarkable work and dedication of its people. Canadian Rivers Institute scientists are pioneers in every sense of the word.”

Eddy Campbell, president and vice-chancellor, University of New Brunswick

“The Canadian Rivers Institute has grown into a network of Canada’s leading experts in aquatic sciences who are making a significant impact on policy development and management of rivers here at home and abroad. As a new member of the CRI management board, I am excited by the potential of the next 15 years. The CRI is poised to lead the way in providing solutions for the critical issues facing our rivers and estuaries worldwide.”

Dr. George Dixon, vice-president, university research, University of Waterloo

“The Canadian Rivers Institute has been steadfastly dedicated to raising the profile and quality of research on rivers within Canada and around the world.  Their world-class science has been critical, form addressing complex management issues to making significant contributions in enhancing the quality of our waters.  The Institute has also contributed significantly to developing a cadre of top-notch researchers at UNB and across the country.”

Dr. John McLaughlin, professor emeritus and president emeritus, University of New Brunswick

“Having the opportunity to work with scientists at the Canadian Rivers Institute convinced me to leave my university career in the UK and bring my family to Canada. As a federal scientist, the experience of interacting with the CRI community has exceeded my wildest expectations. We have created something very special here in New Brunswick and beyond, attracting some of the best minds from Canada and around the globe to join our expanding research community, “

Dr. Donald Baird, chair of the CRI science directors' Board, senior research scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada and visiting professor at the University of New Brunswick

“I was attracted to the CRI to do my PhD because of their world-famous researchers on Atlantic salmon.  I had never heard of New Brunswick, being from Finland, but I knew I had to be there. After my PhD, I moved to Norway for work. I soon realized my heart was still at CRI. My positive and rewarding experience drove me to move back. I returned as a postdoctoral fellow at UNB where I knew that I would have a long-term future in aquatic research. I am now a Research Associate with CRI at UNB and New Brunswick is my home.”

Dr. Tommi Linnansaari, research associate, department of biology, University of New Brunswick and CRI student alumus

“The CRI’s Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study is the first comprehensive study of a large dam renewal or removal project.  This puts the CRI on the leading edge of what will be a trillion-dollar industry that will be necessary to deal with the more than 100,000 aging dams world-wide with pending renewal and removal questions.”

Dr. Allen Curry, CRI science director, professor, department of biology, University of New Brunswick and principal investigator of the Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study

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