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MSc Opportunity: Watershed Connectivity and Managing Barriers for Fish

Posted by CRI Programs   |   April 6, 2017

MSc Opportunity Beginning Summer 2017 (UNB Fredericton)

Barriers to connectivity are often associated with roads, culverts, and even beaver dams. An M.Sc. student with the CRI at UNB working in collaboration with the Restigouche River Watershed Management Council will develop a watershed-scale connectivity analysis using a GIS model to best inform the management of connectivity to reproductive habitats for Atlantic salmon in the Restigouche River watershed. The project will evaluate the current and potential available habitats for egg deposition, juveniles, and conservation requirements needed for an adaptive and integrated management plan. The selected candidate will have a background and experience with ArcGIS and a desire to participate in the field assessment programme. This is fully funded opportunity, which will begin in the summer of 2017. The deadline is May 5, 2017, but the call will remain open until we have found a suitable candidate.

Please send a cover letter, CV, and names of three references to:

Allen Curry, MAES
Canadian Rivers Institute
Biology, Forestry, and Environmental Management
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB. E3B 5A3
Tel: 506-452-6208


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