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MSc opportunity: impacts of salmon aquaculture on shallow cobble habitat

Posted by CRI Programs   |   August 16, 2016

The goal of this study is to quantify the possible effects of salmon aquaculture on the biodiversity and health of shallow rocky coastal ecosystems in the southwestern Bay of Fundy.

The new MSc student will compare biodiversity and abundance of benthic invertebrates and fishes colonizing cobble-filled bio-collectors deployed at cobble sites near and away from aquaculture cages, as well as at reference sites. This is part of a larger project which is also examining exposure of organisms to aquaculture chemicals and nutrient release, as indicated by metals and stable isotopes. It is expected that the results of this work will provide new information on the effects (positive and negative) of salmon aquaculture on the health of the coastal marine ecosystem in the Canadian Gulf of Maine, leading to enhanced conservation and better informed decision-making concerning the operation of salmon aquaculture in the region.

Start Date: September

Dr. Heather Hunt
Professor and Marine Semester Coordinator
Department of Biological Sciences
UNB Saint John
P.O. Box 5050
Saint John, NB E2L 4L5
Phone: 506-648-5915

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