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Graduate student opportunities in the Canadian High Arctic

Posted by CRI Programs   |   January 21, 2016

Graduate Student Opportunities: Impacts of Climate Change on Mercury, Carbon and Nutrient Cycling in the Canadian High Arctic

I  am  looking  for  motivated  graduate  students  for  an  exciting opportunity to study the impacts of climate change in the Canadian High  Arctic.  Potential  students  must  possess  a  keen  interest  in physical  geography,  biogeochemistry  and  environmental  science.

My  research  uses  emerging  analytical  techniques,  ecosystem-scale field  studies,  and  controlled  experiments  to  understand  how environmental stressors, such as contaminants and climate change, impact  aquatic  ecosystems,  particularly  in  the  Canadian  Arctic.

Potential graduate projects include:

i) impacts of climate change on mercury  cycling  and toxic  methylmercury  production  in  Arctic ecosystems;
ii)  quantifying  ecosystem  metabolism (primary production and  respiration) in ice-covered lakes;
iii)  reconstructing long-term trends in atmospheric mercury concentrations using tree-rings;  and 
iv)  climate  change  impacts  on  lake  and  watershed biogeochemistry  (carbon and  nutrient  cycling)  in  northern  regions.

Field work  for  these projects will be conducted at Arctic sites such as  Lake  Hazen  in  beautiful  Quttinirpaaq  National  Park,  which  is located  in  the  northernmost  region  of  Ellesmere  Island,  Nunavut. Laboratory  work  will  be  carried  out  in  new  state-of-the-art  trace mercury analytical facilities.

The M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs will be based out of the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) in the Department of Geography, which has  a  rich  diversity  of research  in  physical  environmental  sciences and  a  rapidly  growing  Arctic research  group.  UTM is  the  second-largest  division  of the University of Toronto and is situated  on  225 acres  of  protected  greenbelt  along  the  Credit  River  in  Mississauga (visit for  more  information).  In addition  to  the  wide  array  of  expertise  within  the  Department  of Geography  at  UTM,  graduate  students  will  also  interact  with numerous world renowned researchers located within the University of Toronto tri-campus network. 

Preferred starting date is between May and/or September 2016.

If  interested,  please  contact  Dr.  Igor  Lehnherr  at or  visit  the  following  links for  more information on my research:

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