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CRI Presents Research at the 4th NSERC HydroNet Annual Symposium in Burnaby, BC

Posted by Administrator   |   April 30, 2014

CRI Science Directors, Drs. Rick Cunjak, Allen Curry and Andre St. Hilaire head to Burnaby, British Columbia this week to participate in the 4th Annual HydroNet Symposium. NSERC HydroNet is a research network supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to develop partnerships to strengthen the scientific basis of decisions regarding hydropower generation effects on the environment.

Currently, NSERC HydroNet is supported by 18 academic scientists, 30 graduate students and Post Doctoral researchers, and has established a strong partnership with Fisheries and Oceans and two key hydroelectric companies (Manitoba Hydro and BC Hydro). The research program is centralized around two main themes of broad national importance:
1. Ecosystemic Analysis of Productive Capacity of Fish Habitats in Rivers?
2. Modeling of Fish-Habitat Interactions in the Context of Hydropower

For more information about HydroNet, visit:

Presentations being delievered at this week's symposium by CRI Science Directors, graduate students and affiliates are as follows:

Dr. Allen Curry - "Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study: Environmental science in support of the Mactaquac Dam renewal project." A. Curry, Science Director, Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick

Sherr Vue - "Winter condition of Atlantic salmon parr and pre-smolts experiencing hydropeaking flow regimes." S. Vue, R.A. Cunjak, University of New Brunswick, K. Clarke, Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Audrey Maheu - "The impact of dams on the winter thermal regime of streams." A. Maheu, A. St-Hilaire, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, D. Caissie, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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