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CRI hosts annual Field Safety Training courses in May

Posted by Michelle Gray   |   February 20, 2015

Training Notice

Who should be interested in this training?

•  Anyone working in field situations outside of city limits
•  Anyone working in/around streams and rivers, small and large

Register for one OR both courses using the same registration link.  Payments will be made directly to the instructors, registration here ensures a spot is secured until payment is completed.

Advanced Wilderness and Remote First Aid: May 19-22
Instructor: Blair Doyle
Location: Maritime College of Forest Technology (Fredericton NB) and UNB woodlot

Course fee: $295 + HST 

Swiftwater Flood Rescue Technician Level 2: May 23-24
Instructor: Rob Lemmon
Location: Maritime College of Forest Technology (Fredericton NB) and Nashwaak River

Course fee: $375 + HST
Re-certification (day 2 only): $260 + HST
Auditing: no fee, but cannot put class past max #

Dry suit rental is $40 + HST/day.

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09/17/2015 Shreya

I listened to Joel Hynes read God Help Thee: A Manifesto in The Ship Pub on Memorial day 2007. I was meismrseed by his speaking voice and the material which uses the F word in a Roddy Doyle sort of a poetic way to deflat a number of Newfoundland holy mooses! I later read Down to the Dirt, Right Away Monday and the Devil You Don’t Know (God bless amazon!). A wonderful writer, I would recommend the DVD version of Down to the Dirt to experience his wonderful Newfoundland accent. I can’t wait for the new book.

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